A Toast to Roast: Catch the Buzz on Micro-Roasters

By Terre Gorham / Photography By Terre Gorham | October 06, 2015
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Green coffee beans

It’s as local as coffee gets.

Pull out your favorite mug. Now, brew some coffee — take your time. Then pour the aromatic, bitter-smooth elixir into your cup, and smell the steam. Wrap your fingers around its warm girth. Ready?
Let’s start with the legend of how your cuppa glory came to be.

The folktale begins in the 10th century A.D. amid the mountains of Ethiopia, where coffee trees abound. A goat herder named Kaldi, minding his own business in the highlands, one day noticed that his goats, after eating red berries from certain trees, started springing around and could not go to sleep at night.

Kaldi mentioned this to the abbot of a local monastery. The abbot concocted a drink with the berries, which he drank himself and served to the other monks and scribes. Everyone, he noted, was more cheery and bright.

As with all good things, word spread far and wide, and before long, coffee was on the fast track in the trading lanes, percolating pep throughout the world.

The good news/bad news then and now is that those perky coffee beans are downright particular about their growing conditions, and they cluster on shrubs and small trees that grow in a narrow swath of tropical climate within a 10-degree latitudinal margin on either side of the equator.

That’s good news for the countries within that hallowed band, who enjoy an export commodity that will remain in high demand for ... well, forever.

But it’s bad news for today’s local movement, where the impetus is on buying, eating, and consuming locally, because the one commodity we can’t source locally here — no matter how much we want to — is coffee.

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J Brooks Coffee
2099 Thomas Road, #16, Memphis | 901-626-5848
Available at: 2nd Cup Coffee Shop (inside Second Presbyterian) • Agricenter Farmers’ Market • Caritas Village • City Market (Downtown and Midtown) • Cooper-Young Community Farmers Market • Donald W Reynolds Library • Fire Museum of Memphis • Fresh Market • Gelato Cafe • Germantown Hardware • High Point Grocery • Itta Bena Restaurant • John’s Pantry • Maggie’s Pharm • Miss Cordelia’s • Muddy’s Bake Shop • Southern Belle • Stone Soup Cafe • SuperLo Foods (Southhaven, MS and Spottswood) • Take a Break • The Fresh Market • The Grindz Coffee & Tea • Trolley Stop Market • Whole Foods Market

Relevant Roasters
Coffee Bar – Tuesday – Friday 7 am – 1 pm • Saturday 8 am – 1 pm
584 Tillman Street, #1, Memphis | 901-458-5599
Available at: Bounty on Broad • Cash Saver (Madison) • Cosmic Coconut • Five In One Social Club • High Point Grocery • Kimbrough Towers Fine Wine • Kroger (Cleveland, Collierville, Germantown, Mendenhall, Poplar Plaza, Union) • Miss Cordelia’s • Porcellino’s Craft Butcher • Square Bean Coffee Company • SuperLo Foods (Spottswood) • Tart Bistro • Whole Foods Market

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