Fresh Made Simple

By Edible Memphis / Photography By Storey Publishing | October 25, 2015
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Fresh Made Simple
Fresh Made Simple by Lauren K. Stein with Illustrations by Katie Eberts

Fresh Made Simple by Lauren K. Stein with illustrations by Katie Eberts is a refreshing take on the modern cookbook - every recipe is illustrated in an easy to follow, artful way without long lists of ingredients and countless steps to prepare. A simple study of the joined-into-one recipe/illustration for a dish creates a fun, new way for readers to grasp, prepare, cook and enjoy fresh foods. 

Anyone who enjoys the pages of Edible Memphis knows we have a thing for illustrations. Often our Last Bite page is a beautiful food illustration, often by well-known artists such as Bami Edlund and others. We use illustrations in our articles, guides, trails and other content as well.

Illustrations have been mostly overlooked in the world of cookbooks other than to show a way to do a particular task. Cookbooks are the land of photography these days and there is nothing wrong with that. Everyone wants to see how a recipe 'should' look when it is finished. But what is so key and so important in this new cookbook by Lauren K. Stein (released by Storey Publishing and available everywhere) is that recipes themselves are demystified, simplified and completely illustrated front start to finish. Not a list to be found and not a step here or there.

Most of the dishes are vegetarian (but there is a great list of suggestions at the end of the book on how to make a fuller meal with meat) and the book is organized in a simple to follow fashion following the manner the dish is prepared  (tossed, scrambled) or the finished texture (smooth, spreadable). Within each section there are numerous inventive takes on dishes, each featuring a particular fresh ingredient. A home cook can grab just about any ingredient and find a dish in Fresh Made Simple that will work with it. And the recipes cover using fresh ingredients around the year.

The author's inspiration for the book and the way it is put together came from her young daughter. Through cooking for her (and with her) and reading together (reading her daughter's books while cooking), Stein has crafted a series of delightful recipes that are not at all childish. As the author says - the book is not a kids' cookbook, but it is a cookbook you can use with your kids. The recipes are easy, the number of ingredients kept short and approachable and everything can be modified.

What to know what do with cheese? The Cheesy section not only illustrates a number of great cheese plates and components but some fun things to do with cheese too like a beautifully simple fondue. Looking for somehting to do with that kale in your winter CSA box? Fresh Made Simple has got an answer for you. We really really enjoy this book and we know you will too. Oh, and what to do with that kale? Click on the picture below to see what we mean!

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