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On Rich Ground

By | October 07, 2015
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Mug with broken handle

T'chen chen.
À votre santé.

I recently broke the handle off one of my favorite mugs, again. We have a large collection of mugs — none of them match — but I am loath to throw out the broken one. It’s a favorite for coffee and hot tea in winter, so my husband kindly glued it back together, again, and I’ve put it back into the rotation.

Looking at our collection of mugs, glasses, and cups, I realized I am much more particular about drinking vessels than I am about plates or silverware. Consuming liquids is every bit as important, if not more so, than what we eat.

I start each day with a few cups of coffee. I like a mug with some weight to it, but not too heavy to carry around as I read some news, check my email, and peruse my to-do list for the day.

About noon I switch to seltzer water, or unsweet tea if I go out to lunch. I like a glass-glass. No plastic (and most definitely NOT Styrofoam). Standard pint glasses are my go-to container during the day. They hold just enough to stay cold until I’m ready for a refill. In the car, I’ll concede to plastic, but I’m not one for travel containers. I like to use one from our extensive collection of Central BBQ, Elwood’s Shack, and Soul Fish cups. If I lose it or drive away with it on the top of the car, I’ll probably have a chance to pick up a replacement in a few days.

Once a week or so, I enjoy a beer in the evening. My preference for locally brewed necessitates an iced pint glass. A glass mug is okay, but it needs to be iced, too. On rare occasions a glass of bourbon is a treat. Chunky, heavy glass. No ice.

Please, no red Solo cups for beer, tea, or anything.

I used to keep glass mugs in the freezer at all times…for beer or an occasional glass of milk with breakfast. I just can’t drink milk from a room temperature glass.

I’ve had the same set of plates, bowls, and stainless flatware for eight years. I don’t add to the collection, or dream of a new set. But new mugs catch my eye when I travel, or attend a pottery exhibit, or cruise through a gift shop. I think the only reason we ever need to run our dishwasher is to resupply clean drinking vessels.

That isn’t to say that the plate isn’t important, rather I think beverages are just as important. Whether it’s coffee or cocktails, tea or water, it deserves the same attention we give to what goes on our plates. Farm-to-glass, local libations, whatever you choose to call them, they are all liquid assets, and this issue is full of them.

Sláinte. Prost.T'chen chen. À votre santé. Salute. Cheers. Whatever the appropriate phrase is as you raise a glass, mug, or cup, that is my wish for you. Enjoy Fall!


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