On Rich Ground

On Rich Ground: Spring 2016

By Melissa Petersen / Photography By Chip Chockley | April 24, 2016
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I think this may be my favorite photo in this issue of Edible Memphis.

Don’t get me wrong. Our amazing photographers have captured an impressive array of images to celebrate spring. Ronald McDonald doesn’t usually get a lot of play in Edible magazines. McDonald’s, where you normally see this character, is known for quantity over quality. And if you just focus on the food, that still rings true. But go beyond first appearances. The story has nothing to do with the french fry and hamburger chain. It’s a great story; one of the many that’s happening, right here in Memphis, all the time.

Over the past nine years we’ve asked you to look deeper, ask questions, get to know people. This issue is no different. The photos may draw you in, but as you read I hope the main point slaps you upside the plate.

It’s not about the food.

The food may get you to the table. But it’s the people who are the real story. Those people who care, who show compassion and love, who provide comfort and friendship, who foster community; they are what we should celebrate. Whether it’s a chef who makes his own ricotta instead of pulling it out of a tub, or a group of volunteers pulling off humongous weekly church dinners, we have people who do food BIG here — large scale with lots of aluminum pans and paper plates, but also with tremendous amounts of love and camaraderie and teamwork.

So, sure, celebrate the quantity, but be amazed by the quality.


Melissa Petersen

Article from Edible Memphis at http://ediblememphis.ediblecommunities.com/food-thought/rich-ground-spring-2016
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