The Greens Guide

Photography By Carole Topalian & Victor Burnside | January 01, 2008
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The following greens grow well in the Memphis area, even through the winter. Find great greens year-round at your nearest farmers' market.

Swiss Chard
Beet Greens
Photo 1: Swiss chard: related to beets, durable leaf — easy to stuff. Methods: blanch, saute, or raw.
Photo 2: Beet greens: Sweet and similar to beet roots in flavor. Quick cooking. Sauté, steam or stir-fry.
Collard Greens
Photo 1: Collard greens: Bitter, cabbagey taste. Mix with other greens to tame flavor. Best with long cooking times.
Photo 2: Arugula: Peppery. Best raw.
Turnip Greens
Photo 1: Mustard: Peppery green; best cooked in combination with other greens.
Photo 2: Spinach: Mild flavor. Wash thoroughly. Use raw or cooked.
Photo 3: Turnip greens: Spicy. Can handle being paired with flavorful ethnic dishes.
Photo 4: Sorrel: Tart, lemony flavor. Good raw or lightly sautéed.
Dandelion Greens
Creasy Greens
Photo 1: Dandelion greens: Small leaves are good raw. Large leaves are good cooked with other greens.
Photo 2: Kale: Mild and sweet. Similar flavor to broccoli. Good raw or lightly cooked.
Photo 3: Creasy greens: A wild form of watercress. Delicate, peppery and tart. Use in any you would use spinach.
Photo 4: Nettles: Handle with care! Grassy flavor. Cooking required!
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